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Data sharing is at the heart of Europe’s digital transition. It is what makes innovative, high-tech solutions like smart devices and intelligent infrastructure possible. Yet, it is also an effective tool for fact-checking in a crisis situation. For example, AI technology like facial recognition might be used in Ukraine to help fight misinformation. To enable these technologies and make them intelligent, relevant data from multiple sources needs to be shared and reused. And to make that possible, we need ecosystems in which data can be seamlessly exchanged and where policies, standards, and economic models are in place that protect the rights of the individuals, transparency, and fairness.

In our panel session at the European Week of Regions and Cities, we will showcase state-of-the-art practice examples of initiatives that actively share data or create spaces that enable others to do so, from the Support Centre for Data Sharing. Some of these provide technical tools, others offer support in setting up policies, standards, or economic models. Despite their differences, there are parallels in how these initiatives overcome barriers to data sharing and leverage its potential. In this session, we will present the learnings derived from these parallels and hold a panel discussion where we will explore how practitioners create environments where data can be easily shared whilst protecting individuals’ rights and digital sovereignty, and how European policies such as the Data Act and common European Data Spaces will facilitate data ecosystems.

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About the EU Regions Week

The European Week of Regions and Cities is the biggest annual Brussels-based event dedicated to cohesion policy. It has grown to become a unique communication and networking platform, bringing together regions and cities from all over Europe, including politicians, administrators, experts, and academics. Over the last 19 years, it has done much to promote policy learning and the exchange of good practices. In 2021, the second digital edition, reached a record number of almost 18.000 registered participants and 300 sessions over a week, involving more than 590 partners.

This year's event will take place online from 10 to 13 October. Join our session on 11 October from 12:30 - 13:30 CET.
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Our panel at the EU Regions Week 2022
2022, EU Regions Week

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