The privacy issue with Tata Neu, India’s new shopping app


Tata Neu, India’s new shopping app, is gaining popularity because of its nature and inclusivity. Ranging from ecommerce, financial services, and travel, to groceries, medicines, and hotels, the app comprises all of Tata Group’s brands and their offerings on a single platform.

While it is holistic from the user’s point of view, people are raising concerns over privacy and access to personal information. Tata Neu was launched in April and has at least 2.2 million downloads. Tata Group has a repository of millions of users through the various service portfolios it offers, and as a result, the app readily gains access to information such as addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses as soon as one logs into Tata Neu. Some users have found this appalling because the information that is available on their profile after they login is something they have used years ago. The fact that the application can pull data from various businesses and provide that data without permission is raising eyebrows. This is both a major breach of privacy and trust. Privacy advocates view this as a serious violation of Indian data protection laws.

Being one of India’s largest conglomerates and a common name in every household, the Tata Group is a big player in the world of retail technology and now, through Tata Neu, the group is consolidating all its products and services for the benefit of consumers. But, as users have provided personal information through past offerings, the Tata Group can save customer data across its online and offline companies and create profiles with a single click. As the shopping app gains popularity, data protection of more and more people is being put at risk.

The privacy issue with Tata Neu, India’s new shopping app
2022, NewsBytes

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