Choose the winner of the EU Datathon Public Choice Award!


This year the EU Datathon finale takes place on 20 October. 12 teams have been selected in the previous rounds and will compete against each other during the finale for the Public Choice Award.

At the EU Datathon, teams from across the world compete to build applications using open data from is the official portal for European data by the Publications Office of the European Union, providing access to open data from international, national, EU, regional and local institutions.

The challenge is to use open data to address one of four important societal challenges facing the EU today:

  • Challenge 1: ‘The European Green Deal’
  • Challenge 2: ‘Transparency in public procurement’
  • Challenge 3: ‘EU public procurement opportunities for young people’
  • Challenge 4: ‘A Europe fit for the digital age’

121 teams from 38 countries worldwide applied and got shortlisted to 12 teams in the finale. They have the chance to win a prize of €200 000. During the finale the teams will demonstrate their apps live and participants will choose the winner.

Join the finale and help choose the winning team!

Choose the winner of the EU Datathon Public Choice Award!
2022, Publications Office of the European Union

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