Data mobility infrastructure sandbox

Personal data is currently not being harnessed. If it is, we can create and deliver new services that can aid and deliver new value for citizens.”  

Liz Brandt – CEO and Co-Founder of Ctrl-Shift 

Personal Data Mobility 

Personal data - the data we as individuals generate every day - is becoming increasingly more detailed and valuable, making it one of the fastest expanding markets in the digital economy. Examples of personal data are people’s financial profiles, their electronic health record (EHR), social media “likes” and posts, social activity in the physical world and fitness habits and performance as captured by activity trackers. By harnessing this information, governments and businesses have the potential to create new services for social impact or economic growth and shareholder value and can support citizens in recognising what is happening in their lives and managing them.  

The market of personal data is still new and involves a different type of data sharing relationship between the stakeholders involved. Currently, businesses, government bodies and citizens are still trying hard to understand what the data sharing economy entails, let alone person data sharing, and are more at risk of making mistakes, e.g. putting themselves and others in danger if they share personal data. This risk leads to concerns on how to share data easily while safely and how to increase transparency and trust.  

Personal Data Mobility Sandbox 

Ctrl-Shift is a business innovation consultancy that specialises in the strategic value of trusted personal data. The consultancy helps organisations to realise the opportunity in personal data and navigate through pitfalls by creating strategic and sustainable solutions to deliver business growth and value in customers’ lives. This is exemplified in the report that collects the results of their Ctrl-Shift Personal Data Mobility Sandbox project.  

The Ctrl-Shift Personal Data Mobility Sandbox completed with the publishing of the report in June 2019. It aimed to explore how to enable organisations and citizens to access the economic and social benefits of what they called “Personal Data Mobility”. The project was an experiment completed in partnership with a series of mostly UK based organisations: Barclays (a bank), the BBC (a media organisation), BT (a telecom company), Centrica (an energy company), Facebook and in the role of “Data Facilitator“ over 5 months. In the experiment, the organisations focused on implementing one data sharing model – where data is shared from an “exporting organisations” (an incumbent), to a Data Facilitator and then out to an “importer”.  

There are several findings from this report. Personal Data Mobility:  

  • has the potential to unlock significant value for individuals through the enhancement of pre-existing services or the creation of valuable new ones; 

  • can create additional value for businesses in existing markets; 

  • acts as an accelerant for governments in the development of new growth engines for the digital economy and ensures that additional value is created and shared; 

  • can create opportunities for consumers and citizens to collaborate with businesses on how to use Personal Data Mobility to create fairer value exchange in delivering the benefits of data sharing and guard citizens wellbeing; and 

  • needs to be facilitated by someone on behalf of individuals. In the experiment, this individual was called the Data Facilitator. Currently, Data Facilitators have not yet found their role in the market but are recognised as a core part of the model to enable individuals to feel more comfortable and able to share data. 

Personal Data Mobility Challenges 

To enable and support personal data sharing, Ctrl-Shift identified five challenges in the report that need to be addressed. These challenges are:  

  1. Infrastructure,  

  1. Consumer know-how,  

  1. New services,  

  1. Business models and  

  1. Regulatory standards.  

Of these challenges, addressing infrastructure and standards is essential because they ensure that the market is safe, easy to use and can generate value for everyone involved. By having solid infrastructure and standards in place, the market can move forward and it will be clear who is accountable for the data being shared so everyone involved knows in what stage they are responsible and – eventually – liable.  

Future research on personal data sharing 

As mentioned, infrastructure is critical to personal data sharing and can become a massive market in its own right. Therefore, Ctrl-Shift will continue developing the Personal Data Mobility Infrastructure Sandbox work and publish a series of reports in the coming months.  

These reports will focus specifically on the infrastructure needed for personal data sharing and will ensure that personal data can be shared safely between public and private organisations in a way that is GDPR compliant. Here, individuals will be able to get access to their own data if they want to and share it with other organisations in a safe manner where their privacy is ensured. Moreover, the reports will look at liability in data sharing models, privacy and communication standards.  





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 United Kingdom 


 2008 - ongoing 


Business model 



 The “Data Mobility Infrastructure Sandbox” is a project facilitated by Ctrl-Shift that includes the partners Barclays, British Telecom (BT), Centrica plc, BBC and Facebook.

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 Business Innovation Consultancy  

Data sharing model(s) 

 Data sharing intermediary

Core impact 

 In June 2019 Ctrl-Shift completed the first phase of their “Data Mobility   Infrastructure Sandbox” for partners Ctrl-Shift that includes partners Barclays, British Telecom (BT), Centrica plc, BBC and Facebook, which   examined how to deliver safe data sharing, and investigated how   new markets can be unlocked by making data sharing safe for individual and organisations. The report is available on Ctrl-Shift and describes the current enabling capabilities for data sharing and defines the gaps that need to be filled to make it safe and valuable.


 Ctrl-Shift is a business innovation consultancy that specialises in the strategic value of trusted personal data. The consultancy helps organisations realise the unprecedented growth opportunity in personal data by creating strategic, sustainable and practical solutions that deliver new value in people’s lives.

 Ctrl-Shift is powered by an extensive network of expert strategy consultants, business analysts, consultants and researchers and is headed up by the team at the consultancy.  



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