Application Programming Interfaces

The production of technical guidance and research is an important part of the SCDS, and aims to support practitioners in three main areas:

  • application programming interfaces (APIs)

  • data security

  • traceability and clear identification of data sources

SCDS wishes to make learning “come alive” and become memorable and experience-driven.

Together with our guidance, SCDS hosts a Widgets and Tools section where our users submit, review and discuss real-life data sharing “widgets”. These could be services, software or tools developed by third parties that illustrate the learnings and implement the models and the technology discussed in our guidance and research.

Also, we want to hear from you. Please share your feedback and needs, or ask for our support by using our dedicated support form or discussing these topics together with other practitioners in the user forum.

6 APIs you should know

This extension to the API guidance introduces six popular and important API types that readers and practitioners should know.