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About SCDS

Better use and knowledge of data allows us to better understand and overcome global challenges. To leverage this opportunity, data needs to be shared in ways that are secure and that protect the rights and interests of citizens and businesses. Many approaches to data sharing already exist. Specifically, the creation of data spaces as part of the European strategy for data is key to fostering an ecosystem for data sharing, cross-sector and cross-border collaboration, and innovation in Europe.

The “Support Centre for Data Sharing” (SCDS) is an initiative funded by the European Commission to facilitate data sharing and link the expertise of data sharing practitioners and researchers. We collect, develop, and disseminate data sharing practices that imply novel models, tackle legal or technological challenges, and provide practical, legal, and technological support for data transactions.

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Check your API against essential quality and usability criteria.
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Recommended Contract Terms
Read our overview of common contractual issues and model clauses for licensing data.
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Data Sharing Practice Examples
Discover new insights into experimental or established practices for sharing data.
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Join us to discuss the risks and rewards of data spaces and sovereignty.
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Google announces new feature to give users more control over their data

During Google’s I/O 2022 developer conference on 11 May, Google announced new privacy measures that will help users control how their data is used by Google applications and displayed to the world...

 Join Data Week 2022 from 24 May to 9 June!

Data Week 2022 is the spring gathering of European big data, AI, research, and innovation communities and a prime opportunity to network and discuss topics of common interest. The 3-week event will:

Twitter launches game to help users understand privacy setting

Twitter launched a new browser game to help users understand its privacy settings.

The game is called “Twitter Data Dash” and is made by Momo Pixel. The goal of the game is to show people which...

ICO releases AI and data protection framework

Applications of AI increasingly shape our lives, and though they have many benefits, they can also pose risks to individuals’ rights and freedoms. Recently, we advocated for designing fair AI without...

The European Health Data Space

On 3 May, the European Commission launched the European Health Data Space (EHDS). The EHDS is one of nine European data spaces in the European Commission's 2020 European Strategy for Data. It builds...

CJEU rules against Meta, consumer groups can now sue over GDPR

Last week the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued a ruling that allows consumer groups to start legal actions against data protection rules violations, even when not mandated by the...